Nanotego is a pro-active fluid platform that organically modulates it’s security posture in real-time regardless of geographic location, technology or number of nodes.

Problems we solve

Nanotego’s ability to launch autonomous countermeasures provides a crucial layer of protection at the device level.

An attack is addressed in real-time and a countermeasure is deployed. This provides immediate protection and crucial cyber security which prevents corporate espionage and vital information breaches.

Initial areas of usage are:

  • Protection of corporate Smartphones and Laptops.
  • Securing ATM cash machines and protection of industrial IoT ecosystems.

Why Nanotego?

Based on decades of experience in analysing the challenges and current short-comings of today’s cyber solutions, Nanotego brings a new approach to cyber defence.

Nanotego gives each smartphone
or IoT device

  • the intelligence to spot and stop on-device anomalous behaviour in near real time,
  • without dependency on connectivity or human interaction.

How it works

  • On installation, Nanotego will do an
    in-depth analysis of a smartphone or IoT device, creating a situational self-awareness for the device.
  • Any anomalous activity vs. the Nanotego baseline will through escalation processes give the ability to autonomously deploy countermeasures.
  • This takes place in near real time according to client’s risk posture with no dependency on signatures, connectivity or human interaction.

“When instantaneous identification of foe from friend is required, there is no checking back with base and only one approach works; Give each element the ability to fend for itself…”

Philip Rambech, Nanotego CEO

The Nanotego team


Philip Rambech


30 years International Telecomms experience with senior roles in Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Siemens; a pioneer in the SmartPhone area. Cyber Security focus for 10+ years with Board participation at Glasswall Solutions Ltd.


Gareth Thomas


18 years in CyberSecurity with a broad range of international “C” level contacts across Industry, Financial Services, Defence and Central Government with unique access to senior decision makers.


Nuri Fattah

Product and cyber security expert

With 22 years in the industry, an experienced provider of cyber solutions, products and services, consulting and testing in UAE and Europe with NATO Computer Incident Response Capability. Nuri has served as NATO’s Cyber Operations Director for Cyber Coalition.


Giles Watkins

Strategy and Commercial

21 years at EY and founded their Technology DD and Post-Transaction Advisory practice. Founded Consentium, later acquired by KPMG. Serves as UK representative on the IAPP and ISO associations.


Valentijn van Der Meijden


22 years in various international roles within big corporate and start-ups with broad experience in Product Management, Business development and strategy. Extensive experience in sales and marketing of mobile solutions and cryptology

Infinite solutions

At present our solutions are geared towards protecting mobile devices, ATM’s and IoT devices. Nanotego is capable to protect all kinds of network elements through its technology agnostic platform and we can easily extend our cyber security solutions into other business areas to provide real time protection.

Mobiles are the platform of choice for sensitive transactions, from banking to e-mail. Cyber attacks against them are increasing.

Yet Smartphones are often the weakest link, the most permeable point in an enterprise network perimeter.

Nanotego offers a new approach to defend these vital assets and secure your employees and corporate data.

20% of companies report that
their mobile devices have been

Source: Dimensional Research 2017

  • Does not assume device integrity and so can be installed post sale
  • Does not rely on virus signatures and so combats zero-day attacks
  • Can deploy countermeasure autonomously and so is scalable
  • Enables the security posture to be flexed autonomously in real time or under central control
  • Enables a central view across end-points “in the wild” in real time

There were 16m malware
incidents on mobiles in 2017.

Source: IDG 2017

ATM’s have long been a target of cyber criminals. With the growth in the scale of the ATM network and of stand alone machines, the risks have multiplied.

Yet attacks have evolved, from simple jamming via physical intervention to complex malware. The latter showing growth as cyber criminal resell their tools as “crime as a service”.

Nanotego offers a simple-to-deploy solution, giving wrap-around protection even on legacy machines.

€381,000,000 were lost to
ATM attacks in 2016.

Source: EAST 2017

  • It counters skimming, malware, black-boxing and jamming attacks
  • It’s a wrap around solution and doesn’t require integration to the ATM’s code – its fast and simple to deploy.
  • It’s simplicity creates a small attack surface, which is not attainable patching the ATMs
  • It offers both central reporting and real-time autonomous countermeasures
  • Data/OS Agnostic so can also be deployed on legacy systems as well as state of the art systems

From 2015 to 2016 ATM fraud
attacks rose 26% & malware/logical
attacks by 286%.

Source: EAST 2017

IoT is at the heart of our ever-increasing dependency on connected devices, autonomous vehicles, smart cities & critical infrastructure.

Yet weaknesses in IoT security are probably the biggest threat to delivering on the promise of connected societies.

Nanotego offers a unique scalable solution, enabling end points to autonomously identify & counter threats.

It’s estimated that 25% of cyber
attacks will target IoT devices
by 2020.

Source: Trustlook 2017

  • Does not depend on continuous connectivity to autonomously deploy countermeasures, therefore highly suitable for ecosystems of IoT devices.
  • Easily repeatable and therefore highly scalable
  • Does not assume device integrity and therefore can be installed on existing IoT networks
  • Pro-active and fluid platform that organically adapts to the threat picture

54% of IoT devices have
no added security.

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